Hi all, I recently changed my CX to treat the Series X input as a PC. I did this after watching a video from the fabulous Vincent from HDTVTest. This is what it's like in game/console mode: This is what it's like in PC mode: Whilst I admit the PC mode isn't perfect, it is certainly a lot... Murphybro2. Thread. As with some PS5 titles, you can prioritize the graphics for either resolution or speed. A "Fidelity Mode" jumps to native 4K while preserving a target frame rate of 30FPS. The best audio format for PS4 is PCM; even Sony made it the default audio format for their console. When choosing an audio format for PS4, you have two options to choose from, PCM and Bitstream (DTS). Some gamers alternate between the two formats depending on how they use their PS4. PCM is perfect for gaming, while Bitstream (DTS) is good for. In the video below, Alex Battaglia breaks down Assassin's Creed Valhalla into more digestible bits to compare settings on a few higher-end GPUs against the PlayStation 5's built-in hardware, and how to achieve the highest performance possible on the PC. It's worth remembering that PlayStation 5 may be powerful, but the versatility of PCs means.

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